Doper Regalos is one of the leading Spanish firms specialised in the distribution of gift items for weddings, christenings, first communions and celebrations of all types. Doper Regalos started up business at the beginning of the eighties and still today remains loyal to its initial ideals: to become a company, which provides professionals with the maximum level of diversification and price for all types of gift items and commemoration articles, working with a clear objective in mind:

To offer, above all else, the best customer service.

In addition to this objective our efforts are aimed at locating and offering our customers the chief novelties which reach the world market thanks to the constant updating of our files and catalogues. At the present time we work with more than one thousand different articles, which are amply able to satisfy all of the possibilities and circumstances posed by our distinguished clientele.

QUALITY Doper Regalos is developing a Quality Plan which aims to maintain the type of service and attention which makes us stand out from the rest in the gift and souvenir market both in our country and internationally. Our staff undergoes a constant process of training to help maintain the levels which, thanks to our continued efforts, we have achieved during the course of more than thirty years.

TECHNOLOGY We are permanently adapting to new technologies to offer our customers an increasingly wider repertoire of references as well as more personalised attention which is fundamental in establishing a mutually beneficial relationship, eliminating any delays or problems.